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    I have a strange problem here which cropped up shortly after taking the most recent update from Verizon. In short, my Google Calendar is now crashing every time I refresh it in the calendar (i.e., pull down on a calendar day). Even with my all accounts set to NOT sync with Calendar and my calendar data cleared, it STILL crashes constantly. A screenshot of the crash is below. I have not installed any new apps or done anything "interesting" other than receive the VZW update. I live and die by my calendar, so this is a gigantic problem for me.

    Any ideas on what I should try next?

    Here's specifically what I've tried to do to fix this and what happens:
    1) Disabled syncing of my 2 gmail accounts to this calendar.
    2) Force-stopped the calendar app
    3) Cleared the calendar data
    4) Verified there are no events shown on the calendar UI
    5) Opened calendar and either wait a bit, or pull down to refresh.
    6) Receive "Unfortunately, Calendar has stopped"

    The crash is always the same: "TimeFormatException,Unexpected character 0x5a at pos=8. Expected T.,Time.java,-2"

    HTC One - Google calendar crashing repeatedly on refresh-screenshot_2013-12-15-11-16-03.jpg
    12-16-2013 01:18 PM
  2. Boris Boraldi's Avatar
    Same problem here...
    In the last 2 days the app crash when I try to manually "refresh" the calendar or when another app try to update the calendar.

    I tried to uninstall the app, clear cache ...but with no results.

    12-17-2013 11:00 AM
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    First make sure you did not download the calendar from playbooks.. It does not work on HTC One
    The one that was installed on your phone is red ( one on playbooks is blue)
    On your device, go to settings then apps and swipe over to "all". In this list, search for Google Calendar and select it then clear data.
    dial *#*#2432546#*#*. This will reconnect you to the Google server.
    Go to settings then accounts and sync Google calendar again.
    12-23-2013 06:52 PM
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    I am also having this problem. I have the HTC one X on AT&T. I am seeing the same exact error in the stack log. Therefore I am thinking it is an app problem not a phone company problem. Unless att and verizon are having the same updates.

    I had been using the blue "google calendar" over the red one for months with no problem. In fact the red one had more problems. It only synced from data I entered on my computer it did not sync up data i entered on my phone.
    01-20-2014 02:41 PM
  5. Brian Hulsman's Avatar
    OK I think I solved it. I was able to refresh. I will update if it doesn't continue to work.
    I followed multiple steps. Not sure if all are necessary or just the last one.

    STEP ONE was from this site

    Android 4 and Calendar crash | MortenCB's blog
    After I got a new phone with Android 4 (ICS), my calendar crashed as
    soon as I enabled sync of my google calendar. After *lots* of
    googling, I finally found the cause: At least one of the events in the
    calendar is “corrupt”, and in earlier Android versions this has been
    handled better than in the new Android. In the new, it gets real sad
    and the whole calendar application crashes.

    The solution (also found after *lots* of googling):
    1) Log into your google calendar on a PC in a browser.
    2) Go to calendar settings and export the whole calendar to an ICS-file.
    3) Make sure you have the ICS-file (open it in a text editor)
    4) Delete your calendar (or all events in it if it’s your main
    calendar) on the web / google calendar
    5) If you have more than one calendar, repeat steps 2-4
    6) Import your ICS-file back to the google calendar
    7) If you have more than one calendar, repeat step 7

    For me this solved everything. From what I read, some will get an
    error when importing back in, and then it will state the line number
    the problem is in. This can be a malformed time zone, some funky
    recurring event and so on. In that case:
    a) Open the ICS-file in an editor
    b) Fix the malformed line
    c) Go to step 6)

    Hope that was helpful, it solved all my problems at least

    PS: I read that most of these errors come from using programs that
    sync your outlook/exchange calendar to google. It probably messes up
    recurring events and timezones sometimes, and the event ends up
    corrupt. For some reason Google doesn’t detect this, and you get a
    big problem on the Android that crashes when it gets to such a
    malformed entry.

    that led to a problem importing the data back so

    STEP 2

    Google Groups
    Well problem fixed.

    Google support advised that "Clearing your Primary Calendar" no longer works. As of a few months ago the tool changed the way items are "deleted". Previously if you were to delete and item or use the web to clear your primary calendar it would simply trash all the items. Now however, when you delete an item or clear your calendar it simply "cancels" the event and hides from view.

    I know I know, I gave the esupport guy an earful because that's not what is explained in numerous help articles and even in the message to which you see when clearing your calendar.

    At any rate!

    The fix is quite simple, open the exported ics file in your favorite text editor (I like Notepad++, also I'd make a backup copy first) do a find/search and replace.
    search for "UID:" (no need to be case sensitive, and make sure you have appended the colon)
    replace with "UID:X" (Replace X with any non-special character [a-z,0-9])

    Save the ics file and re-import.

    Since all items are now unique there will be no conflicts and you should have no problems.

    Still wasn't syncing on my phone so

    STEP THREE and maybe the only one actually needed

    SyncCell Knowledge Base :: How do I clear / reset all Calendar Events on my Android Phone?

    To manually clear all existing Calendar Events on your Android Phone, perform the following steps. This may be necessary if your Android phone's Calendar has stopped syncing to your GMail Calendar.

    Access "Manage apps"

    Locate "Calendar Storage" and open it

    Click "Clear Data" to clear the existing Calendar data

    Note, after clearing your Android Calendar, it may take a couple of minutes for your Android Calendar to re-sync to GMail. It may also be necessary to uncheck and check the "Sync Calendar" option in phone's Account Manager, as doing this will automatically force your phone to perform a new sync.
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    01-20-2014 03:26 PM

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