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    Good afternoon, (my first post),

    I've the dreaded purple camera so the phone's going back tomorrow - so I need to take everything off it.

    All my photos are arranged by 'Events' in the Phone's Gallery. The photos used to be stored in a their respective Events folders in the 'Pictures' folder when viewing the device on a PC, so transferring folders full of groups of photos was easy...

    However, since the update...my photos, although arranged as Events in the Phone's Gallery only appear under the DCIM folder in their thousands; in one large folder - so I'd have to reorganise everything when transferred onto a PC.

    Does anybody know how to create sub folders in the Pictures folder when Events are created in the Phone's Gallery? - I do not fancy moving 4000 odd photos and meticulously rearranging!

    I hope this makes sense - first post on here.

    12-20-2013 07:53 AM

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