1. Kieran9810's Avatar
    I really like the HTC one and have done for a while, but I got a galaxy s4 instead when it come down to buying a new phone ( which i later sold for an iphone 5).
    I love my iphone, but Im sick of the tiny screen and I want something bigger, and I like the HTC one for its premium look and feel but I just have a few questions..
    1) Is that camera really that bad? I like taking pictures on my phone and I like getting good pictures, but on the galaxy s4 I thought the camera was rubbish and my iphone was a lot better.
    2) Battery Life. My battery currently lasts me about 4-5 hours of usage and 8 hours on standby, will the HTC one be a big improvement on that? I've read that some people get good battery life and some people get bad battery life.
    3) One handed use. I have quite large hands and i like using my phone with one hand a lot of the time, and I was just wondering do you find it easy to use the phone with one hand?
    Or would you recommend I wait until the new htc phone comes out (m8) as I read this will be released soon..
    Thanks in advance for any replys
    01-13-2014 09:07 AM
  2. Dave Clark's Avatar
    A lot of these threads have popped up recently and my advice to you is to wait for the next flagship HTC releases. It will be better than the current one with improved camera and internals. Battery life on the current one for me is outstanding. I'm getting 16 hours of use with about 50% battery remaining. A huge increase in comparison to my previous phone the Nexus 4.
    01-13-2014 09:28 AM
  3. dandrew68's Avatar
    I got 8 hours 12 mins and 9 seconds of screen time yesterday (on wifi) that was without putting the phone down all day.It probably wouldve lasted longer but i started watching videos and playing games.I have an otterbox commuter on mine and it fits and my hand perfect.Im glad i chose an htc one,you wont regret it.The speakers are the best speakers ive ever heard on a phone,even with headphones in the sound is crazy.Especially if you use the headphones that come with it,i think theyre kinda unbranded beats.The volume can be as high as it will go and the sound doesnt crackle,its smooth.The first phone i got had a battery problem so i took it back and exchanged it now i dont have any problems.I almost switched to an iphone 5 or galaxy s4 but im glad i didnt.I only know one person with an htc one but everyone has a galaxy or iphone 5.Get one.You wont regret it!

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    01-13-2014 09:34 AM
  4. jlarkins08's Avatar
    Too me the HTC one is very similar to the iPhone with it's tall screen and thin profile.. the battery life is awesome.. I can literally go a day and a half on one charge with LTE on.. of course it's always the way you use your phone to determine how your battery life will be... The sound quality is amazing which is why I chose this phone as my first Android device.. the camera is ok not great, overall though it's a awesome device and I don't regret my purchase.. not one bit!

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    01-13-2014 10:50 AM
  5. anon(6089242)'s Avatar
    Battery is really great. Camera is very good. One handed use could be a problem if you have smaller hands.

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    01-13-2014 02:33 PM
  6. anon(7894520)'s Avatar
    whilst the htc one is still the best overall smartphone in the market, buying one now would not be a smart choice unless you can exchange it for your iphone.

    the htc one 2, the S5 and even the iphone 6 are rumoured to be released within the next 2 to 3 months (the iphone probably a bit longer than that but some suggest as early as May).

    my suggestion to you is to put up with the iphone 5 for the time being (as horrifying as that sounds - maybe jailbreak it to ease the pain of iOS 7) or sell it to buy something else; but i wouldnt go spilling money on a new phone just yet.
    01-13-2014 02:59 PM
  7. frednoyb's Avatar
    I have just bought one myself, but i would advise against it as this year is gooing to bring great changes to the phone market, tthere are a number of truly outstanding new phones coming out for great prices. If you want screen real estate then you can alos think about a tablet with a SIM slot of course and there are many of these coming. 64 bit processing, octocores and dropping prices thats what 2014 will bring.

    NB if you buy a phone from HTC UK they use Expansys to ship who insist on giving a copy of your driving licence or other ID to a third company before they will ship.
    01-13-2014 03:44 PM
  8. Kieran9810's Avatar
    Ok guys I think I'll just stick with my iPhone and see what comes out within the next 2-3 months ( or gets announced)
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    01-13-2014 05:19 PM
  9. I Can Be Your Hero's Avatar
    Ok guys I think I'll just stick with my iPhone and see what comes out within the next 2-3 months ( or gets announced)
    Probably best thing to do. In a month and a half, the M8 should be revealed, with a release soon after I'm sure, so you don't want to lock into a contract/buy out a HTC One with the new model just a month or two away.

    The One is an excellent phone, the M8 should be even better.
    01-13-2014 10:46 PM
  10. sniffs's Avatar
    Since I got the HTC One, I've also had the S4 and a rooted/rommed LG Optimus G with CM11. I still find the HTC One my daily driver. Worried about battery life? Enable the power saving mode, the device is STILL super fast with it and lasts all day. Camera's decent and does the job.

    Some of my personal bullet points,

    a. Feels great in the hands, build quality is superior to anything out.
    b. Front facing speakers, watch a movie and you'll be blown away.. sounds GREAT
    c. I have the 64GB model, so I dont have to worry about SD card slowness or running out of space. I have TONS Of apps installed and the device STILL is rediculously fast.

    If you can find the HTC One moderately cheap, I would say it's better than any iPhones out currently.
    01-14-2014 12:53 PM
  11. thebignewt's Avatar
    It's a little bigger screen than the 5S, camera is great, battery is great. Sound great. If you're one of the "waiters" you'll wait forever. If you want bigger my wife's Samsung Note3 is your man. I'm starting to think the improvements in Android smartphones are going to be slight. This phone looks better physically and sounds better than my Galaxy Nexus, but to be honest the speed is about the same and the stuff on the screen looked pretty good on that phone too, as it does on this one. For $100 is was worth it though.
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    01-14-2014 03:27 PM
  12. Speedygi's Avatar
    I have made the HTC One go on for 15 hours using the Power Saving Mode, so it's pretty much similar to the Galaxy S4 in that regard, even though the S4 has a bigger battery, which shows just how much more efficient the Sense UI is. In terms of battery, I will say you will have no worries.

    I also regularly use my S4 and HTC One one handed all the time, but I use Swiftkey keyboard which helps with the text prediction so I don't need to really type all the time per se. With the slightly smaller screen size and slimmer and sleeker profile I would say one handed use has no problems, just don't expect iPhone 5 levels for one handed use.
    01-14-2014 07:28 PM
  13. westiewanderer's Avatar
    Ive found the HTC ONE to be an amazing phone! Great sound, super fast, Good camera, and if you have larger hands, one-handed use really isn't bad! Ive rooted and am running a 4.4.2 rom, and its amazing! Battery is usually still 75 percent when i get home...and I'm not using battery saving mode. You Can't go wrong with this phone!
    01-15-2014 08:37 AM

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