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    Hi hope you can help, i rooted my htc one to google, i tried to update to kitkat, proplem started here blueish screen with wiggly lines, so i decided to format and stupidly forgot to back up, i cannot flash ruu because of 1.54 i can gain access to twrp but cannot load anything from here, i cannot see device on computer apart fron showing up as insert cd. i have flashed a recovery img and this has now stopped twrp from responding on touch screen.
    I have tried variuos ways to try and get back up and running, but iam really looking for a step by step guides for a *****, i must be not doing something right, but what it is i cannot seem to get it.
    I hope you can help and give me a start with how to get my computer to recognise my phone as a hard drive. Can anyone explain can i get phone into debugging mode as this may be what is stopping me gaining access to via usb.

    Thanks Rob
    01-24-2014 03:59 AM

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