1. Anthony Chow's Avatar
    So over night I updated my HTC One, and this morning when I used it and I pressed the home button, the screen went black, but I can still see the notification bar, and the little bar with the dots at the bottom. This happens every time I press the home button, and what I do to get out of it is to double press the home button, which shows my tasks , then I press it again and it goes to my home screen. I use Nova Launcher, and my phone is NOT rooted. This is irritating me, please help.
    02-11-2014 09:59 AM
  2. Anthony Chow's Avatar
    I fixed it! All I had to do was change the launcher back and fourth.
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    02-11-2014 10:30 AM
  3. VDUB718's Avatar
    I have an HTC m8 and today this is happening to me. I press the home key and the screen goes black except for the function keys. If I press the previous apps key i can get the screens to show up but pressing home just gives me a black screen. I only use the stock launcher
    04-10-2014 06:11 PM
  4. Filemon Francisco Tabaloc's Avatar
    How did u fix it????
    and what is launcher back and forth did you mean????
    Because I have the same problem too...
    11-12-2014 05:54 AM

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