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    Quick story: was going to do laundry, wanted to wash pants I was wearing, tossed belt casually on bed, belt buckle hits phone screen, shatters glass*. Phone appears to work just fine otherwise; just needs glass replaced (will provide pictures if requested). Do you think this would be sufficient? The price is low enough to raise some alarms in my head, and in the description it mentions "LCD screen is not included; only use it for cracked front lens". Would this still just be the glass I need? Please forgive my ignorance.

    To get this repaired through Bell would be around $250, and to get it repaired at a local place would be around $150, so if this works for me I'd be pretty thrilled.
    Sorry if posts like this aren't allowed. I'm just sort of freaking out over here. This is the first time I've ever shattered the glass on one of my devices. Normally I'm so careful!

    *Addendum: Folding laundry last night, realized I hadn't even washed those damn pants. ffs...
    02-22-2014 01:24 PM
  2. ffejjj's Avatar
    The glass would probably be fine but the issue with the One is that it's very hard to open. Going through Htc will run you about 180$ but in my opinion that's the route I would take

    My Evo lte Filling the shoes of my HTC One
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    02-22-2014 01:34 PM
  3. NickDynmo's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to send it to HTC directly and have them repair it? On HTC's website they just refer me to Bell, and two different people from Bell have estimated a price of around $250. I really don't have a lot of cash, so unfortunately if I can't repair it locally with that screen I listed in my first post, I'm just going to have to live with a cracked screen for another one and a half to two years until I can get a new phone. These guys make it seem possible...
    02-22-2014 01:56 PM
  4. Troneas's Avatar
    i would send them an email to that address see what they have to say about your options in canada.

    perhaps there is a way you can ship it to houston to get it fixed directly by htc.
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    02-22-2014 02:15 PM
  5. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    ETrade Supply has been around for a while but far as I know they only sell parts and dont actually do any of the repairs.
    However i had to laugh at the link you provided. The first sentence starts off "If you have the cracked screen on HTC One and you don’t want to send it back to Samsung’s flagship store, you can try to DIY fix it yourself if you can deal with the challenge." Hummm.... Cracked your HTC One and dont want to send it back to Samsungs flaship store? LOL
    Unless you have disassembled devices before i would recommend NOT doing it. I do it for a living and even i make mistakes. In fact the very first of any device i repair i always buy a broken one or two just so i can learn the inner workings of it before i move on to a customer device.
    Also you might be able to find a local repair shop who fixes smart phones, that might be an option. But make sure to do your research and see if they are recommended by others and not some shotty fly by night place.. Cant tell you how many phones i have had to re-fix over the years because some mall kiosk or some shady store in a strip mall ruined a customers phone and told them sorry we tried. I have turned away business because i was either not trained on a device or was not comfortable working on something. We all have our limits.
    02-22-2014 04:37 PM
  6. NickDynmo's Avatar
    The first sentence starts off "If you have the cracked screen on HTC One and you don’t want to send it back to Samsung’s flagship store, you can try to DIY fix it yourself if you can deal with the challenge."
    I noticed that, too! I figured maybe they'd just written an article on replacing the screen on an S4 or something and reused the shell article.

    I wasn't planning on doing it myself. I'd find someone locally who repairs phones and take it to him/her. I'm definitely not confident enough to open this baby up!
    02-22-2014 05:44 PM

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