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    I got my htc one before xmas sometime, maybe late nov, it was a refurbished 1 and cost 345. After about 2 weeks the wifi stopped working, just kept sayin error so couldn't connect, ok I thought just bear with it it may sort itself out, so left it, not sure when but I noticed I was having to switch my sounds back on every morning as all sounds would just switch off, again I thought bare with it. Then just after new year the phone just died and wouldn't charge, 2days it was off so I handed it back to the person who got me the phone for them to send it back, 5 days later he said it had started charging for him and was fine, and it looked like the charge port was a bit dodgy, I took the phone back thinking all was fine, and it was until last week, the phone was on full charge and next morn was dead, wasn't charging or anything. I gave it back to the same person and they sent it to htc, not the original seller. Htc have rang him today telling him I have tried unlocking a boot loader, I've never heard of it until today. Then they said it has a hard brick and it was done on 29th dec! I haven't a clue til today what any of it means and I am being blamed, I've only added apps from playstore end of! Can any1 advise please, and thanku in advance. Oh and to add the phone was originally on 3 before I got it, it was unblocked to any network when i recieved it, I had it on giff gaff.
    03-03-2014 02:53 PM
  2. GibMcFragger's Avatar
    It sounds like the previous owner unlocked the bootloader, which technically voids the warranty (it's up to the discretion of HTC). The phone has now bricked (for whatever reason). HTC figured that out. That or HTC is making the whole thing up to avoid the warranty repair. Either way, you are screwed as far as getting it repaired under warranty.

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    03-04-2014 12:13 AM
  3. Patz Sunshiney Williams's Avatar
    Thanku 4 replying 2 this. Theres been lots of calls 2 and from htc and the original seller over this and from what I can make out the seller sounds a lil dodgy! The person who got the phone 4 me has rang him and told him exactly whats been said from me and htc, hes now saying hes booked it in 2 be repaired by htc, htc have absolutely no record of him or his booking, so have said as he sells phones himself he prob does his own refurbs and tries passing em of as htc! Anyway hes getting the phone back and will send the repaired phone back to us! I asked was homework done in regards 2 the seller and apparently he came up with good reviews, but thats not 2 say hes not done that himself really! Its the flag up that htc reckons they have from the 29th dec thats got me, I've read all the palarva ya have 2 go through 2 unlock it and I did nothin whatsoever, so can it take around 2 weeks 2 kick in? I thought I may have had the phone end of nov but it was apparently 18th of dec and then around 2 weeks later it went dodgy!
    03-09-2014 01:49 PM

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