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    Hi all,

    Can't find the obvious answer to this anywhere...so hopefully one of you good people might be able to help. I have a USB stick which goes in and out of various machines every day, with small changes made each time.

    I have a USB OTG cable, and was hoping it would be very straightforward to set up a sync so that I can just plug the stick into my HTC One every few days or so, and have the whole lot backed up, and/or synced with Dropbox. Then when i arrive hope all the files are there for me to edit them without me having to remember to bring the USB stick home with me etc

    I tried an app called Lok-It File Sync, but it won't recognize my USB stick (i think it may have once been a Lok-It device, but i deleted the folder from the stick before I thought i might need it).
    The phone does however recognize it, I can see the files on File Manager.

    If anyone has managed to do this, please divulge!

    Many thanks,

    03-18-2014 01:46 PM

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