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    Greetings Androiders,

    I've got a crazy issue on my HTC One, didn't have that before so seems to be like a new issue to me, so let me explain it:

    After pluging in my htc one original earphone into the phone a sign of an earphone with a micro shows up so everything is normal but when I start to listen to music the micro doesn't stop and I hear an echo mixed to the music which I listen to and It's really not confortable at all especially when I'm outside and the wind and I couldn't find any way to disable the micro while listening to music.

    Before this issue appeared on my phone it was like when I play music the micro is automatically disabled and when someone for example calls while playing music then the micro is enabled automatically and just turns off when the call ends.

    Anybody knows how to fix that??

    Thanks everyone
    03-24-2014 05:31 PM

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