1. Iftisum Zaman's Avatar
    Hi, my htc one shuts down after a couple of seconds when run on battery, but it stays on during charging. Is it a battery issue? Should I buy a new battery or send it to htc one for inspection? I even did a factory reset, but it didnt work. Also it turns off quickly while using camera, playing games, or in other words it stays on longer when I am not using it at all.
    03-30-2014 10:40 PM
  2. AndroidProf's Avatar
    It sounds pretty much like a battery issue, getting a new battery will fix the issue. However, before you change your battery, you can confirm by using a different charger.
    03-31-2014 02:26 AM
  3. Iftisum Zaman's Avatar
    I tried it with other chargers, it worked but only when charging. I read that replacing the internal htc one battery is almost impossible without damaging the phone, is that true?
    04-01-2014 02:12 AM
  4. redsxoie's Avatar
    There's a box you tick (or untick) when you do the initial setup (right after the factory reset) that says "stay awake during charge" or something to that effect. Maybe you neglected to untick that box???? Just wondering...
    07-15-2014 06:11 PM

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