1. Owen Marsh's Avatar
    Hello all,
    Recently I went to perform an advanced wipe (on twrp), and without a second thought checked every box. Those boxes are as listed;
    Dalvik Cache
    Internal storage
    Unbeknownst to myself, this ended up deleting my operating system, as when I power on the phone I never get past the HTC boot up screen, also there is a warning displayed by twrp saying that there is no OS installed. Whilst i soon realized that I had cocked up i connected my phone to my laptop (which I had done without issue previously), to realize that my laptop was not recognizing the phone. Im guessing this is because the USB OTG file was wiped, although it did display an error message saying that it couldn't erase it?

    In short:
    I have no OS on my phone, and I cant connect it to any computer I have tried(although I can still charge, and my desktop recognizes that there is an external device, but I get an error message when I try to access files on it) So i know it must be a software issue with the USB and not a hardware. I don't have any idea what to do and think it would be best to send it to htc for repair?
    Does anyone know if this issue could be resolved or whether id just have to send it back to HTC.
    Thanks in advance
    04-02-2014 05:37 AM
  2. joe_fresh's Avatar
    04-02-2014 06:35 AM

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