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    Hi, This is regarding the M7:

    I recently replaced a damaged M7 with another M7.

    I think the enable triple tap in apps to zoom is messing with a few apps:
    My old phone pretty sure I didn't have it enabled, it probably wasn't offered when I first bought the phone. ...anyways, I loaded apps that I had on my previous M7 onto my new M7 and in a few instances they don't seem to be working correctly:

    Instagram, I can no longer double tap to like photos, triple tapping does still zoom, even though I no longer have it enabled in the options
    Puzzle and Dragons, tapping the screen no longer works, you have to hold the screen for almost a second to get the single tap effect, which can get confused w/ holding the screen for a second which does something else. This gets very frustrating and cumbersome.

    I'm figuring my issue is related to the settings option of allowing triple tap to zoom in apps, but I'm by no means certain. I've disabled the feature in settings but it still seems to be active in the apps. On my old phone triple tapping did not zoom.

    Is there a way to fix the phone so triple tap is diabled?
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    04-16-2014 12:28 PM

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