1. TWC42's Avatar
    While using my banking app, and attempting to fill out the 'amount' of the deposit, a keypad that pops up has no decimal point, only numbers. One cannot enter the correct amount for the check, IOW a check for $12.34 appears to be 1234 or one thousand two hundred thirty four dollars. A bank official claims it is the fault of the phone and an alternate keyboard must be used. Yes, switching to SwiftKey solves the problem. I say it is the fault of a poorly designed app that doesn't select a proper keypad for entering numbers AND a decimal point. There is a full numeric keypad in the native keyboard with all the punctuation marks including a decimal. Why isn't this selected? Why should users have to change their keyboard preference in order to use this app?
    Typical fingerpointing. Does the fault lie with the keypad provided by HTC One in the Kit Kat update, or the banking app in selecting a keypad without a decimal?
    04-17-2014 05:30 AM
  2. joe_fresh's Avatar
    I noticed this on my bank app on 3 different devices. But also my app stopped working with kit kat.
    04-17-2014 08:01 AM

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