1. mzman's Avatar
    I want to alert everyone to a bizarre problem that might cause data loss for any HTC One users. I'm hoping that someone can help test or diagnose. It took a lot of investigation, but I believe Windows Media Player is destroying my HTC One videos automatically....

    I have my photo and video libraries on my Windows 7 computer configured to stream / share videos over the network through Windows Media Player Network Sharing. That way, I can view them on my TV, etc. That works fine, until I move a video created by my HTC One from one folder to another on the computer, within the media library (example: move from "My Videos\Cute Photos" to "My Videos\Jan 2014"). The wmpnetwk.exe process immediately touches the video, and modifies it slightly, causing it to be unplayable. It won't play in WMP, VLC, or anything. I have no idea why the file is being modified by WMP upon a move.

    Again, the initial copy into my media library works fine and videos play just fine. If I then move a video from one folder to another in that library, the file gets corrupted. This happens in the vast majority of trials with HTC videos (Zoes and full videos), but never with videos created by my iOS devices.

    Can anyone replicate this on their computer, or provide a case where they are unable to replicate it?

    WARNING: make backups of the videos you are testing with!!
    04-21-2014 04:14 PM
  2. mzman's Avatar
    No one has this issue? Can anyone confirm that they use WMP Network Streaming, and don't have this problem with HTC One videos? Thanks.
    04-27-2014 02:05 PM

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