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    I know there's been posts about distorted audio in both the voice recording apps and video apps, but I think I have a different situation. I take a lot of videos of bands at small music venues - usually more for the audio then being worried about perfect video quality. My iphone 4 excelled at this - the sound was always great and sometime my HTC sounds really good but other times it gets really distorted. For examples below, it's the same app, same settings, same venue, same band and almost the exact same position in the bar and in the first video the sound is pretty clear (at least as clear as it's going to be at a punk show) and in the second it's really distorted. I guess mainly, I'm wondering if this has something to do with the AGC (automatic gain control) and if there's any tricks I can do to get the best results.

    Clear audio

    05-12-2014 09:58 AM
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    Alternatively does anyone know of a video camera app that gives you more control over the audio recording - ie. Disabling AGC or lowering the mic gain like some voice recorders do? I searched and found one video app that allows you to disable AGC (cinedroid) but it's not being developed anymore and they say their method for disabling AGC is questionable. I'm going to test it tomorrow night at a show but I don't' have a lot of faith in it.
    05-13-2014 09:12 AM

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