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    I've only had the One (M7) for a few months but Iv'e noticed it more and more difficult to hit the outer-most rows: P and L are by far the most difficult, followed by backspace (so the right side, then Q, A and CAPS.

    It seems like it progressed over a week or so and hasn't gotten worse.. did it 'learn' my keystrokes incorrectly? I've tried calibrating everything but even with a stylus, typing 'P' can take upwards of 10 times. I get the haptic feedback vibration that I'm hitting something incorrectly.

    Say I use Feedly and use only the furthest pixel edges to drag up and down.. no problem, anywhere length of the screen.

    Open Hangouts and try to type and a solid 1/4" inch inward from the black bezel is unresponsive. Not entirely: I get the error vibration like I'm hitting the wrong button. So it seems like a software issue, but it's with SwiftKey or not, in every app that allows typing.

    I have the latest firmware and regrettably, I thought I'd give Verizon another shot.

    Thanks in advance!
    05-24-2014 11:38 PM

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