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    Sent my HTC One (M7) to HTC in TX (under warranty, purple tint camera issue) with a shipping label provided by HTC, without the option for a temporary replacement (since I have another phone to use). Tracked shipment to HTC, last entry on HTC's log was that phone was awaiting inspection (for the past two days), yet I got an email from UPS yesterday that a package from HTC is in transit and will arrive tomorrow.
    Does HTC abandon updating information once they repair a phone?
    How long does it typically take to repair a phone with the purple tint problem?
    Or do they just send a replacement?
    Does HTC provide the customer information on what they did when the phone is returned?
    Thanks for any information from one who has been through this repair cycle.

    UPDATE: Just got an email from HTC saying they are sending a "replacement". Tracking shows it went out yesterday. At airport at 4 am today.
    Hope this "replacement" is in as good condition as the one I sent in. Mine was pristine.
    08-06-2014 09:52 AM
  2. TWC42's Avatar
    Here's what happened.
    There is a day or so delay in updating the HTC website on the status of my repair.
    Got a tracking number showing the "replacement" was sent out via UPS while the HTC website was hung up on "device awaiting inspection".
    Replacement delivered about 7 pm on Thursday (was not home, authorized delivery without signature).
    Neighbor picked up the box for safe keeping until Saturday
    On Friday, I got a call from HTC asking how I liked the "replacement", explained that I hadn't been home yet.
    Replacement was so clean, I don't believe it was used.
    Software was several versions old, updated once, realized it was not the latest version.
    AT&T wanted me to wait 24 hours to check again, used the manual date entry trick to download another update.
    Camera does not seem to have the purple tint problem. So far, there are no issues with this pristine replacement.
    08-10-2014 05:50 AM

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