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    I have HTC One Asia with S-OFF Unlocked bootloader and SuperCID, yesterday, before I have my phone back, my brother accidently brick that phone, and he repair it to he's friend long ago, he's friend flash it with different firmware, my phone comes with CID_044, that mean AsiaWWE right? and when the phone comes back, it change to AT&T Mobile, it make me cannot install any custom rom, and I have problem with wifi connection too..

    I search everything I can, and it work, I'm able to change back to AsiaWWE, but the it goes even worse...
    when I want to install custom recovery, it works, but, it repeatly show "endprocess-core" and it comes with black screen and I'm not able to enter everything..

    I try another rom, and it still the same..

    I try re-install the phone with RUU again, and try installing custom rom again, and it still the same
    I repeatly do that 4times, and also try format all data on sdcard (i thing the system get error because the rom)
    and finally it start error, it start bootloop-in again and again. I'm not able to enter recovery, even when i try to install RUU again, it never show blackscreen with HTC logo..

    status on fastboot :
    I'm not able to enter recovery mode (stuck on TWRP screen, and then it start bootloop-ing), not able to enter RUU mode (it never start blackscreen with HTC logo on it, it comes back to bootloop again), even when I'm trying to enter command "fastboot reboot-bootloader" it never back to bootloader, it start to bootloop again..

    please help anyone, and I'm sorry for bad english, I'm Indonesian
    08-13-2014 05:16 AM

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