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    Please Help-

    I have a HTC ONE M7 from Verizon that is rooted and running CM11 snapshot M10. I recently started using the phone after a couple of months. When I started using the phone it was still on CM10.2, working fine. I upgraded to CM11 and had an issue with google play services failing, so I wiped the device and did a fresh install of CM11. The install worked fine and but I had none of my previous apps so I began the process of setting my phone back up and downloading all of my apps. Certain apps would not install and come up with an error message. ( Unknown error code during application install "-24". So I did some research and found out how to get rid of the error code but it only worked for certain apps, others still came up with the same message. I had wanted to clean out my phones memory anyways because it was getting full so I decided to do a full factory data wipe/reset from the phones settings menu, not from recovery. So I proceeded to wipe the phone and it rebooted and showed the android logo with the crazy blue lines in his stomach and the blue loading bar below. I let the phone sit for a while and nothing was happening. It stayed on that screen for a couple of hours without rebooting or showing any signs that it was wiping the device. So I decided to to hard reboot the device with the power and volume down button ( probably a bad idea I know) and reboot the device. Now when I power on the device the CM logo shows up but it just keeps spinning, never boots into the device. If I try to boot into recovery, the bootloader shows up fine, and then I select recovery and it goes back to the same screen with the android logo and cray blue lines in his stomach and loading bar below. I have let the device sit for hours both trying to boot up or boot into recovery and it just either stays on the CM loading screen or the android logo with blue loading bar. I now do not know what to do and am a little worried. I am not new to rooting and roming android devices but I am also not a pro. Please help me recover my device to any rom.

    Thank you for your help and sorry for the long post.
    10-11-2014 09:41 AM

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