1. surajvuk's Avatar
    When it comes to smartphone I have always had a HTC (or OEM) since 2000s. My last smartphone was a HTC one M7. which I have sold.

    So I am looking for the next HTC. Up until last week I was going to get the HTC desire 820 and then Desire Eye was announced. That leaves me with a dilemma. Desire 820 or the Desire Eye.

    Desire 820 has the 64 bit CPU which was the most appealing about the phone.
    Desire Eye has a far better screen and dual 13MP front and back.

    I believe both will be Dual-sim this is a must. As this is one of reason for selling the M7.

    Please help break this down and help choose me a phone.

    10-14-2014 10:01 AM
  2. Darkdeckard's Avatar
    It depends on the use you will do. I´m going to buy 820 because of the 64 bits processor and the possibility of running Android 5.0, it has also a good camera. Desire Eye could like you a little bit more depending on your age, it is a phone recommended for teenagers and selfaddicts because of its extraordinary frontal camera and good screen. Personally, I'd choose 820
    10-15-2014 01:10 AM
  3. surajvuk's Avatar
    I'm all for the 64 bit architecture and I think the 820 will be cheaper as well. I believe with the 64 bit processor and the fact if it receive 64 bit version of Android OS then I can get at least 3 years of good use.

    The use of the phone is general Apps, internet and I do use the phone as primary camera for holidays as the phone camera now far exceeds my compact camera.

    I think 8MP for selfies is still perfectly good for daylight use.

    As I have been using HTC One M7 for 2 years will I notice the difference in resolution comparing Desire 820 and Desire EYE?
    10-15-2014 04:29 AM
  4. Darkdeckard's Avatar
    Specs says Eye has 1080 x 1920 pixels, 5.2 inches (~424 ppi pixel density), similar to your One but this one has 469 ppi. The 820 has 720 x 1280 pixels, 5.5 inches (~267 ppi pixel density), so maybe you can notice the difference. It depends on the importance you give to the screen... I think 820 has more future but, obviously, worse screen than M7 and Eye
    10-15-2014 05:11 AM

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