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    HI all,
    I was just about to buy a chrome box and after a chat with the bloke in the shop, which didn't have one in stock, I decided to try something I have had on my mind for a while.

    I want to use my old HTC M7 as a media pc. While it has no storage to speak of (though up to 32GB) it can stream across a LAN and play movies and music without issue.

    I wanted to ask more knowledgeable people than me what the outcome might be.

    All I will use it for is to surf the web, play music, stream tv and movies form the storage pc in the house.
    Here are my reservations:
    - that not all media types are supported and I will have to import each item to the phone (I use ES file explorer)
    - that I will not get a true full screen
    - that I can't find a 100% compatible bluetooth keyboard and mouse

    If there are any other issues I should be aware of please comment below

    10-25-2014 01:48 PM

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