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    I have the dual sim version of the HTC One M7. Worked great until I updated to 4.4.3. Then the Wifi issue started - Wifi speeds would drop to zero every couple of seconds. Initially I thought it was just some app incompatibility issue , so I uninstalled all apps - didnt help. I then did a factory reset , which solved the problem for a while , but then it cropped up again. I tried the following (based on tips from this and other forums) -
    1. Wipe Cache partition - Didnt work.
    2. Change device name under Wifi Direct settings to "HTC One" - Didnt work.
    3. Changed location services settings to "Device only" - Didnt work.
    4. Change Wifi Frequency from "Auto" to 2.4 Ghz - Didnt work.
    5. Disable WiFi Optimization - Didnt work.

    And then , I figured it out. What was actually causing the WiFi issue was --- Bluetooth.

    1. Bluetooth Off - Worked. No more Wifi Issues , Full speed available.
    2. Bluetooth On , No Bluetooth device connected - Wifi Issue came back . Speed dropped every few seconds.
    3. Bluetooth On , Bluetooth device connected - No more Wifi Issues , Full speed available.

    Hope this helps anyone out there with the same problem.
    11-09-2014 01:25 AM

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