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    Hi all, bit of a newbie so please bare with.

    i rooted and installed System App Safe Remover and got rid of a few bits of crap, all was until i deleted live wall papers and g+ products

    Now when ever i press home button nothing happens, i can reboot and get a homescreen but all icons are missing.
    AQlso if i use return button it will not exit any app.

    i can access recent apps with double tap of home button and i have tried restoring from the safe app removal program but had no luck.

    I am happy to reset the phone all data is backed up but will this restore the problem or will it wipe all apps/data but still have system apks missing?

    I did no s-off my device.
    had SU installed

    any ideas?

    12-11-2014 04:44 PM

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