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    This happened after I sent my phone in to fix purple tint. Anyone have this problem? When I try to record a video on Facebook or Instagram the FPS drops to like 5 FPS. It didn't happen before I sent it in. Also my phone now doesn't detect the beats headphones it came with(headphones and headphone jack both still functional, just not with each other) which is a known issue. Oh, and the camera quality is terrible in general. It seems worse than the purple tint camera(if it didn't have the purple tint)

    Anyways, I live in Canada and we have to pay to ship it in to the repair center, and they're asking me to ship it in again, even though it happened after they gave me it back. They also wrapped it in a fedex polybag with 1 layer of bubblewrap when they shipped it back which was really awesome! Pretty tired of this ****. Should've learned my lesson after having to exchange my HTC Magic 4 times a few years back.

    I've asked for a prepaid postage but it looks like they don't want to send it.
    05-04-2015 11:21 PM
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    Bring it to your carrier, along with printouts of all communications and ask them to please handle the situation for you - and you don't want to see the phone again until it actually works. (It's why I pay more for a more expensive carrier - a warranty "repair" is usually "sorry, but we're going to have to replace your phone" - they don't make you ship or wait.)
    05-05-2015 12:54 AM

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