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    Yesterday I tried to turn on my phone and it would not. I figured the battery was dead, so I plugged it in but no red LED status turned on. After many tries of holding down the power button for a considerable length of time, it finally booted, but was very slow.

    After the phone booted, I was blasted with repeated "Google Play Services has stopped" messages, about one every 3 seconds. I went into my services in settings and disabled Google Play Services to resolve the issue temporarily. A few minutes later, I was notified that there was a software update from AT&T, and I accepted the option to install it.

    The phone turns off and the loading bar appears, and finally the phone restarts when it is completed. Now, I get the HTC "quietly brilliant" screen, then the screen turns light blue with little green dashes everywhere and then it switches to purple with blue dashes (this occurs during the startup sound, which is interrupted towards the end of the sound). The screen then transitions to the HTC One logo screen like normal, except the small "Beats Audio" logo at the bottom is now blue instead of red. The phone hangs at this screen indefinitely, and will get very hot if left.

    Turning the phone off restarts it and sends it back to this screen. The only way to shut it down is to boot the phone into the bootloader and then go to fastboot and select "power down." Recovery does not work, and when selected causes the phone to reboot like normal and freeze on the HTC One logo again. Holding "volume up" while selecting recovery sends me to a screen with a red triangle/exclamation mark and then the phone screen turns black but is slightly lighted, and the phone remains frozen in this state indefinitely. Factory reset appears to do something and I get the updating symbol, but then the phone restarts and I get the same problem with the weird blue and purple screens and then the freezing at the HTC One logo.

    Please help!
    05-29-2015 02:22 PM

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