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    I have an unlocked HTC one m7 and I am trying to make it work with straight talk. I had an iphone before and switched over the sim card. I went un and changed the apn settings, and everything works (other than my data is not even 3g, let alone 4g). The only thing that doesn't work, other than having slow data, is my mms. I can't send or receive picture messages. I can change my apn setting but my phone won't let me change anything else, such as the proxy or mmsc. I'm sure I need to go in and edit those settings and then everything will be fine. Why is my phone letting me edit apn but not any of the other settings? There's also nowhere for me to press edit or create a new apn profile. The only options are "save" and "discard". Any help is greatly appreciate. Thank you!
    05-29-2015 09:35 PM

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