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    My phone was in the middle of the most recent OTA update on Verizon and got an error.
    This was about three weeks ago.
    I am unable to go further than this screen and have been advised by Verizon technical support (at a store) that a factory reset is required but there is no guarantee I can access my phone.

    I have not done anything to the phone in terms of tampering with the software. It is as I bought it on Nov 2013.
    I am a regular user and load simple things from Playstore.
    Here are the contents of the page.
    Please help! I need to get into my phone - any hope??

    Active cmdline overflow! (1033 Bytes) - got this in middle of OTA on Verizon, what do I do?-cmdline.jpg
    08-01-2015 08:04 PM

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