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    Title explains it all...
    I Migrated an HTC One M7 (Rooted and Unlocked) from AT&T along with an Samsung Galexy S3. I did thorough reading on the HTC One and found that the phones are EXACTLY identical between AT&T and T-Mobile with the ONLY difference being the firmware that they use between them so I don't know if its a firmware issue or not but the are both on the GSM network.

    Here's whats happening. In my home city, Atlanta. I can get service and 4G almost anywhere in the Metro.. It works almost as if I were with AT&T with the only exception that I got much stronger signals inside of buildings with AT&T for some reason than I do with T-Mobile. When I go about 30 miles out of the metro in ANY DIRECTION though, I lose almost all service. My signal bar turns into an "E". I can't make inbound or outbound calls and I do not get ANY data connectivity. the same thing happens on BOTH phones and when I was with AT&T this didn't happen at all so I don't think the phones are defective.

    I have data roaming ENABLED
    I am using the following APN's on both phones:

    When I am on a road trip, and I travel fairly frequently.. I can count on not having service through most of the drive, even on major interstates. When I come into small towns sometimes the signal returns and I can browse the internet or make calls for the brief time that I'm passing through them. When I come to ANOTHER major city, here's where things get weird. In some parts of those cities, everything works normally.. in others.. I get phone service only, and in others still..I get no service at all.. like Las Vegas Nevada.. In downtown I got Voice only but no data, had to use WiFi in my hotel. In the Suburbs I got some Voice and Data in some parts and Voice only in others. Same thing for Los Angeles.

    Can anyone help me with this? I was "considering" buying a T-Mobile branded phone hoping this would solve the issue but I don't want to do that and get wrapped into a T-Mobile contract on a new device and this doesnt solve it.
    04-06-2017 11:19 PM

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