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    This ROM review will be about Carbon ROM for the M8. As of this writing, the nightly release of Carbon for July 4th is currently on 4.4.4. I flashed it this morning, and so far have had few issues, and none are really bothersome.

    [ROM Review] Carbon for the HTC M8-screenshot_2014-07-04-10-05-16.jpg

    [WARN]Again, as always a reminder; make a Nandroid backup before flashing different ROMs.[/WARN]

    First off, let''s review Carbon in general:

    [ROM Review] Carbon for the HTC M8-screenshot_2014-07-04-10-04-23.jpg

    Carbon ROM is an AOSP based ROM that has some added tricks up their sleeve. AOSP, to get everyone on the same page, is basically like Vanilla Android, so visually what you would see on a Nexus. The Moto X is near Vanilla Android as well.

    -Customizable CPU settings
    -Xposed Framework like changes
    -PIE controls
    -Dark Carbon
    -Custom Toast Notifications
    -Battery Saver
    -Custom Progress bar
    -Active display
    -Lockscreen notifications
    -Custom Power menu

    [ROM Review] Carbon for the HTC M8-screenshot_2014-07-04-10-04-30.jpg

    -Customizable in terms of options (including but not limited to) features similar to Xposed Framework, and built in CPU settings, very stable considering it is a nightly.
    -Some features prominent in Android L are already here, for example, Lockscreen notifications.

    -They have an outright disclaimer that ART is not recommended to run with this ROM. I have been mainly running Dalvik, as I sometimes report bugs to them. This is pretty much the only major con for this ROM.
    -Play Music does not work well. PowerAmp works with songs stored in memory, but streaming does not seem to work.
    -Active display is quite nice, I miss it from the Moto X. But, since the screen on the M8 is not the same as the X, this feature is best left to be disabled, as this feature can kill the battery as the whole screen lights up.


    4/5. Well built ROM. No major bugs, and the ones present are minor. Taking into consideration that a nightly is a beta test, this is really good.

    Overall, I would rate this ROM quite stable. There were the occasional bugs at first, but the developers have been working on them as each nightly brings more stability. The bugs in question were minor, like setting the CPU clock speed wouldn't stick, etc. So nothing like, 'Hey my phone doesn't work' or anything like that.

    Even though this kind of goes without saying, but updating this ROM is more dependent on the end users vigilance. There is an update screen, but I am inclined to think that is for when a nightly becomes a milestone.
    06-10-2014 10:15 PM
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    08-07-2014 10:23 PM

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