1. koreiryuu's Avatar
    My M8 is
    .:bootloader unlocked
    .:TWRP flashed
    .:Android Revolution HD ROM flashed

    I want to return to stock ROM only, leaving the other attributes in-tact. Even if I have to undo/change any of the other attributes specified first, like unroot the device, it's not a problem, just keep in mind that I am going to re-root later/change the attribute back.


    Long version:
    I am pretty sure I have enough experience to do this without instruction, but experience has taught me that I am frequently mistaken and instead of potentially wasting my time I am posting here instead. I have searched up and down these forums and others found in Google searches to do exactly what I'm looking for, but to no avail. Anyone reflashing back to stock is trying to get the software back to retail condition, relocking the bootloader, reflashing stock recovery, etc. which is not my motivation.

    Everything was fine for a few months, but then I started missing calls, and the problem became frequent enough that now the phone will not receive any call regardless of the condition. I can use my mobile data to surf the web, make outgoing calls, send and receive SMS and MMS data, but receiving an incoming phone call goes straight to voicemail.

    It turns out this is a common problem with certain devices using ARHD, like the M8, so instead of going through another few days of finding the next best custom ROM and getting myself settled with the changes, I am just opting to use the stock ROM again (unless you otherwise have a good reason for suggesting otherwise, barring snooty, unspecific "Because it"s better" comments).

    So what steps do I need to specifically take to just get the stock ROM up and completely functional? I don't need step-by-step procedural descriptions that will potentially take half an hour or longer to type up; I know the command lines needed and proper buttons to push for most steps. I am not saying I don't prefer the extra detailed content, I do, but I don't want to impose extra work on someone who might ignore my post because of it. If you have a link to an old post, have a block of text you're willing to copy and paste, or prefer typing out the extra details, by all means go right ahead. But if you don't, I can manage.

    A pre-emptive thank you
    09-07-2015 01:20 PM
  2. koreiryuu's Avatar
    Doing some more research it looks like the best thing for me to do is to relock the bootloader, find and perform an RUU, unlock the bootloader again and re-root.

    This thread can be closed but if someone else has a better suggestion I'm all ears. Won't be able to do the procedure until tomorrow.
    09-07-2015 05:44 PM
  3. benny3's Avatar
    I would RUU to get the phone straightened back out and go from there.
    09-13-2015 09:56 AM

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