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    Guys, I am using HTC M8 Dual, Model : OP6B640 M8e, I am so tired for the last two days to fix this issue, I am tried to reset but it's not helped. I tried to reset in Bootloader also but that also not helping. Also, I tried to install custom ROM, but it's not also supporting, error msg is "Wrong image file", I downloaded 5 to 6 custom ROMs, but problem is not solved.

    I tried with HTC's RUU also, all are going well but when rebooting, ""Error 171 - USB Connection" is coming. I dont know device USB Debugging Mode is turned on or not. I can't turn on this option right now because mobile is locked, nothing can be done.

    Device's software status :

    eMMC-boot 2048MB
    Dec 23 2015

    For your information, I tried Factory Reset, Recovery mode with Power Button and Volume Down but nothing happen (same your phone is encrypted error is coming). I am trying to fix this issue with adb, flash, custom ROMs from SD Card. Nothing help.

    Please help me guys on urgent basis.

    Advance thanks.

    With tired,

    Vasim Raja
    07-30-2017 03:46 AM

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