1. TechTube14's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I am new to this forum, I have this video about the new HTC M8, please watch and let me know of what you think of the new HTC M8 coming out soon?

    02-19-2014 07:27 PM
  2. paulmike3's Avatar
    Can't watch your video where I am, but the All New One will be announce on 3/25, which is over a month away.
    02-20-2014 09:43 AM
  3. Raptor007's Avatar
    They should have done it the day after the GS5. Being a month late is just not going to work for them. Now if the phone is announced and launched in days of the announcement then they may do well.
    barryl85 likes this.
    02-20-2014 09:25 PM

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