1. sjcdal's Avatar
    The free "up to 65GB" (50GB extra on top of the standard 15GB you get with Gdrive) offer is not activating on my M8.
    "Unable to verify the offer for this device. Contact HTC support for further assistance.". Well, I tried that via chat (HTC Support Center-Chat), and despite the being within the hours they show as being available received "HTC Chat is currently closed. Please try again later". So I called.(Contact Us - CALL) ‎+1 866 449 8358‎. Rep was pleasant, but sounded like I was the first to call about this and really had no information. She promised to send it on for further evaluation.
    Anybody else have this? I am on Sprint BTW.
    HTC One (M8): Google Drive Free Storage "unable to verify the offer for this device"-5gjkyoucmsh5ycvc7cbj90ncd0oxisrj_usevfuepv0.png
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    03-30-2014 10:30 AM
  2. sjcdal's Avatar
    Update: Received an email after my phone call that had a link to activate the free storage. That seems to have done it. Great!
    03-30-2014 01:18 PM
  3. ops400's Avatar
    Was your phone rooted and unlocked?
    05-16-2014 12:45 PM
  4. king_huzi's Avatar
    Hi, I am facing this issue as well with my HTC desire 816. I contacted HTC support like you but they directed me to Google and they back to HTC. Please give me the link so that i can send it to them and ask them to provide me a link too.
    11-20-2014 01:14 PM

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