1. jaredvillhelm2002's Avatar
    My new VZW HTC M8 is having a fairly significant issue achieving download speeds in excess of .32 MBps through the play store and it is quite troublesome. Tested the play store moments later on the older HTC DNA and voila, 3.4 MBps download speed. Anyone have thoughts on this, should I contact VZW for a warranty repair?
    03-31-2014 12:24 PM
  2. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    more times then not its the play store its self.
    If you can run speed tests on your cellular or wifi, and they are pretty fast, then you go to update an app and it hangs or is slow, its more often then not the play store.
    I have had some go super slow, only to stop it, wait a minute and retry to find it go a lot faster.
    04-01-2014 10:31 AM

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