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    I have used speed dialing for months flawlessly by just pressing (1-9) on my vehicles touch screen and it dials the corresponding number. Ever since the KitKat upgrade, my car now associates 1-9 with the last 9 numbers in my recent call list. I experimented by dialing numbers (which changes the order of the recent calls list obviously) and then attempted speed dial again. It consistently dials whatever number is in that position on my recent calls list. If I clear the recent calls list, then it "appears" to be dialing and then times out and says "Cannot dial, please be sure your phone is working" which is of course bull****.

    Anybody have any idea why that would be or much more importantly, who could fix that? You think Google will rewrite code for me? lol This has totally trashed the ease of dialing while driving!!!
    04-08-2014 10:25 AM

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