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    Hi everyone I am trying to understand why when I add a contact to the M8 it doesn't sync with Google automatically to my account. Most other android phones do this if you add contacts it syncs them to your Gmail contact account and I have the main account set to sync to the phone. so contacts can come in but not go out basically

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    04-10-2014 04:08 PM
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    Ensure it has the G next to the contact.. That means it's a Google account contact which will sync.

    If it doesn't you need to change that contact to a Google one.

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    04-10-2014 04:20 PM
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    Are you sure you're saving them to your Google Account? I don't have an M8, but in my Note 3 I do get a choice of whether to save to Google or Samsung account, or just locally.
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    04-10-2014 04:24 PM
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    When you go to add a contact there is a contact type at the top. Select Google...
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    04-10-2014 04:50 PM

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