1. CD82's Avatar
    ok so it is time for me to upgrade phones I am with sprint and I have a couple of options here..
    the Samsung s5 or the m8 I currently have the s3 and ive only had two issues with the phone in one year..
    it froze up one once and the bettery is getting weak..

    now in the passed the phones ive owned before were all htc.
    the htc touch evo shift and evo 3d.. the shift was pure trash had constant issues with it.
    the evo 3d was a good phone but only issues I had with it was with htc sense and htc seemed to stop running updates after a while.

    I am kind of worried will get into the same issues with htc if I make the switch.
    now I do listen to some music an the speakers seem cool on the m8
    I do like the feel of the m8 but I keep my phone in an otterbox for protection.
    so feel isn't really an issue. ive been getting mixed reviews here local with other people.
    some say the s5 because any htc they have had has had issues and been junk.
    then some others say the m8 feels faster than the s5 and no laggy apps..
    I have not looked myself but on the forums I read in another post.
    and for aftermarket roms an stuff the m8 seemed to have more activity?
    not sure if I would b doing that anytime soon?

    any tips and suggetions are welcome im sure ill have more questions as time comes
    04-13-2014 11:26 AM
  2. ffejjj's Avatar
    If you go with the M8 you will find none of the aforementioned reasons to call it junk. Since my Evo lte and now my One M7 i have never had one freeze, not one and the fluid feel of the os is rivaled by few.

    I've only been able to sample the M8 at the store but I'm again very impressed. I was convinced i would not get the M8 due to the bezel but it's now back on my contenders list.

    If you go with the M8 I think you'll be pleased
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    04-13-2014 11:37 AM
  3. icenija's Avatar
    I do own and M8 and I've been using HTC phones for awhile and I can say none of your worries are valid. The M8 is buttery smooth, HTC has promised consistent updates for this phone, and I've not had one issue with any HTC phone I've had. I can only speak for myself as I've read others have had some issues with some HTC phones but that comes with the territory. Several people have had issues with the Galaxy series. Since just about every carrier has at least a 14 day return policy I suggest getting some hand on experience with both phones to try out and make the decision from there. It is very hard to spend a few minutes with the phone in the store and get the full experience. Good luck and keep us posted with your decision.

    04-13-2014 11:46 AM
  4. Skyway's Avatar
    Just to add to what ^^^ he said, the HTC Advantage program (which you will have if you buy the m8) offers one free broken screen replacement in the first 6 months of ownership, 2 years of promised software updates, and 50gb free Google Drive cloud storage

    Just wanted to clarify a little more on that

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    04-13-2014 11:55 AM
  5. CD82's Avatar
    well glad im told this how much extra is that because sprint didn't tell me anything about it..
    kinda makes me unhappy to find out about that on the interweb lol
    04-13-2014 12:02 PM
  6. Prinny Mask's Avatar
    well glad im told this how much extra is that because sprint didn't tell me anything about it..
    kinda makes me unhappy to find out about that on the interweb lol
    It's nothing extra. If you get an M8, you automatically will have HTC Advantage.
    04-13-2014 01:10 PM
  7. CD82's Avatar
    sorry I missunderstood
    04-13-2014 01:13 PM
  8. AKFL3TCH3R's Avatar
    I never thought I would use an HTC phone. But then I got the M8, and now I love HTC.

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    04-13-2014 01:17 PM
  9. ChrisGonzales90's Avatar
    As my signature says I've owned htc devices since the original EVO and I loved them all. The m8 is by far my favorite. Smooth and fast. Sense 6 isn't like the sense of the past. It's more clean and simple now as they removed the bloat that caused the devices to slow down and crash.

    I say go for it. You'll like it.

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    04-13-2014 02:08 PM
  10. B0WIE's Avatar
    M8 is incredibly smooth and has finally beat Apple in terms of speed and flow. My M8 had not crashed, reset, or even lagged once in the last week. I've never had a phone act anywhere as good as this.
    I keep hearing that the S5 is laggy so you may want to look into that.
    04-13-2014 02:35 PM
  11. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Manufacturers have gotten really good with updates. HTC as well. That's not something I think you should worry about if you decide to get the M8. If possible, stop by a store and test it out for a while.

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    04-13-2014 02:43 PM
  12. Kilroy13's Avatar
    I've had every HTC phone since the og evo(that is still being used to this day by a friend in need) and I have never had to return any of them! Nowadays HTC is killing the competition on updates!

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    04-13-2014 08:42 PM

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