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    I'm not sure where the blame should be assigned on this one, as it could be HTC, Verizon, or Google causing the problem, but I have not found a single application since purchasing my M8 last weekend that gets gapless playback right with LAME mp3s.

    I had an iPhone 4 for the past couple of years. It didn't do much right, but it had music down to a science. I got perfect gapless playback with my V0 library, no problem. Even in streaming applications (Beats Music is my poison of choice), gapless was never a problem. I was skeptical of going back to Android after the terrible music experience I had with my HTC Evo 4G (Sprint) back in "the day," and I immediately regretted my purchase of the M8 when this stupid problem reared its ugly head again. That, combined with the fact that I can't put the thing into Mass Storage Device mode to get files onto it from anything but my Windows 8 computer...I'm very seriously considering taking this thing back.

    I've been out of the loop on Android for a while, but I do know that gapless playback was supposedly "fixed" a few versions ago, which leads me to believe that Google is not the perpetrator. Is this possibly related to HTC Sense? A co-worker of mine has a Samsung Note 2 (running an older version of Android), and playback is very much gapless, even with copies of the same exact mp3 files I'm using on my device.

    Should I look for another phone before my 14-day return period is up, or should I hold out for an AOSP ROM that may fix this issue? I really love my M8 in just about every other aspect. The screen is beautiful, the build quality is superb, and it's more than fast enough for anything I'll be using it for, but the gapless playback thing is a major deal-breaker for me. I cannot understand how this is still an issue in 2014.
    04-13-2014 07:14 PM
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    After a month with the phone, I've given up on trying to get gapless to work in Google Music.

    Almost half a year into its lifecycle and unresolved, this is a major con for any audiophiles looking at a possible purchase. Wish I knew b4 I bought...just may have pushed me enough to g3.

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    08-26-2014 09:43 PM

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