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    I am new to HTC and Android in general, I've been tempted by the green droid and gave in. Had iPhones before and 5s was my prevouis phone before I got myself HTC M8 two days ago and I love it. But things are much different with android. I am enjoying it, but have couple of questions.
    1. Is it normal that the word document when received in an email and viewed via the email app lags a little (when two fingers are used to zoom in and out)? (It doesn't lag in ios, that's y I'm asking)
    2. Is it possible to use autofit in the stock mail app?
    3. Can i get whatsapp notifications to appear on my lockscreen like the sms do?
    4. Why do some screen shots have 4G logo, some LTE and some 4G lte?
    I apologize for the noobness)
    Your help would be much appreciated))
    04-15-2014 11:03 AM

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