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    iI am using a cheap concreter i got off amazon for 2 has any one got the usb on the go to work on there htc one m8?
    I have contacted htc by online chat and told them that it works on my one m7 but not m8 and they said return it to the retailer for a replacement

    dont think m8 likes micro sd connectors that need power to work ect this one has a little led red light on other side could be because a think mine is a copy not sure
    usb on the go working on my m7 but not m8-usb-nano-micro-sdhc-card-reader-black-p40589-300.jpg

    got it working now using this un-powerd micro sd connector
    usb on the go working on my m7 but not m8-mvbzdz_tgrqimxohl0r1ghg.jpg
    04-16-2014 07:23 AM

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