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    So i got the HTC one m8 on Monday after owning the m7 and didnt really look into any issues that were arising with the new phones release and upon activation the phone displayed sim card error when the sim was installed. They swapped the SIM and it worked just fine. Fast forward a few hours same error, re-booted, turned off/on, pulled the sim and re installed all with no success. I than did a factory reset and the sim worked.

    Twelve hours later, same problem. I went to the store i purchased it at and they played the call HTC and Tmobile game but I feel as if they should swap for a new device. I called HTC they offered a refurb sent to me after I send mine, or a 599 hold to send me a phone first, or two repair my phone. Tmobile will be the next call I make but I am regretting shopping at the privately owned store locally as they do not seem to want to swap the phone or help out at all. The owner basically ran away after telling me to call HTC as the employee displaying "trainee" attempted to help me by trying redundant checks that I already had done.

    I am not sure I want to take a refurbished phone for a phone i had for two days.

    My m7 is still in excellent shape and works well so I hooked that device up again but its a bummer not having the new one work after just one day. The only concern i have is I dropped the m8, and people are lying when they say its slippery, and have a small dent in the top left corner of the aluminum and I fear the store will use that as a scape goat to not take it back. My m7 doesnt have a mark on it after 8 months, go figure.
    04-16-2014 08:54 AM
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    sorry mods this is a duplicate, my apologies
    04-16-2014 08:56 AM

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