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    After a couple of questions i posed here over the last day I went and picked up the M8. After getting it setup and running I'm a little perplexed about something. I know that the hardware buttons were removed for the new buttons on the screen. Well after playing around with it for the last few hours I'm a little annoyed with the aforementioned screen buttons. It makes the screen way smaller than the 5 inches that it is. Most apps I've tried seem to stop where that row of buttons start.

    I'm I just being to OCD or anyone else annoyed? Thanks
    04-17-2014 06:16 PM
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    There are flags that apps can use to remove the buttons and make them slide out, but most don't seem to do that as completely removing ALL physical buttons is a somewhat new trend. I've only found a few (and mostly those are media/games) that remove them.

    If you root your phone, at your own risk, there's an app in the Play store called "GMD Auto Hide Soft Keys" and there's another one on XDA (check the apps section for the M8 in either the standard or TMO one because I saw a link in there) that does the same thing too. That will let you remove the soft keys entirely, and slide them up as needed. Rooting is at your own risk, though, my friend.


    In terms of bother me? Not at all. I used to hide them using the aforementioned above app, but I don't anymore. The loss of screen realestate is so minor overall with larger screens that I don't care. If I really REALLY want to though I'll use the GMD app.
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    04-17-2014 06:20 PM

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