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    Hi All.

    I've had my M8 from week one and I'm loving it. However, today I had the first occasion to use HTC Car mode and it didn't work properly.

    The problem is this... I have my phone paired to my car audio via Bluetooth. I usually make calls with the phone in "normal mode", but today I bought a generic car holder for it and put the M8 into "HTC Car" mode When I made a call in Car mode it wasn't clear and both the received audio and my audio to the other person appeared to be cutting out.

    When I took it out of Car mode, all the audios were back to normal. I called EE technical support who suggested doing a soft reset, which I did. I checked it and it seemed ok, but then I realised I'd done this in the house.

    I went back to my car and connected it back to my car audio, put it into "HTC Car" mode and the audio was bad again. Took it out of car mode and all was well again.

    Anyone else have/had this problem and if so what's the fix?

    Do I have a faulty phone?

    Many thanks for your help.


    04-18-2014 03:31 PM

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