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    Hi guys I need some urgent help. I'm wanting to go back to stock recovery so I can install OTA updates when they are available. I made the mistake of rooting my phone without thinking about updates. I just want it back to stock so it's all nice and easy to use and I don't need to worry. I've found this thread which contains the stock recoverys but when I try and flash the STOCK RECOVERY file I can't even into recovery and just got a error symbol up.

    My phone is on the o2 network (I'm in the UK) and my phone is 4.4.2 Software number Am I right in thinking it is that file I need?

    If someone could take 5 minutes of their time to help me out it would be ever so much appreciated

    EDIT - When Ive sent the stock recovery and I go to boot into it the symbol is a phone with a warning sign. Is that just what it is suppose to do or is it because it's wrong? I read on the thread "You can test originals by flashing them. If you see a phone with warning sign it's the HTC original one."


    All sorted now! . Turns out it was the stock recovery. I just panicked and thought it meant there was no recovery it could boot into when the exclamation mark came up. Hopefully now when a OTA update becomes available I wont have trouble updating
    04-19-2014 07:21 PM

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