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    First of all, my apologies to the existing 'marko'... I couldn't remember if that was me or not, so hit the 'password reset' link. It wasn't me, sorry about that password reset email!

    My worry....

    I picked up an HTC One M8 on eBay and saved over 100. I'm happy-ish...

    I turn the paranoia up to the max and the first thing I do is factory reset the phone, in case the seller has installed some dodgy password sniffing thing on the phone. Is that even possible? and if it were, could it survive a factory reset?

    I use lastpass for passwords. They are long and complex... here's the thing...

    If I copy the password and paste into the password field, when I submit, it always fails. I paste into a plain text field and the password is there, and it's OK. I try again, and it fails, tells me the password is incorrect.
    If I then take pain and manually type in the exact same password, it logs in fine. I am seeing this issue with all apps.
    There is no white space caught at the start or tail of the data on the clipboard, and although I use Swype by default, I tried using the both the stock keyboard, and the lastpass keyboard, and saw the same behaviour with all three.

    I checked the security settings on the phone and toggled the 'show passwords' setting, but it's made no difference either way, on or off, I couldn't see passwords, only asterisks, and on or off, pasting the password always fails.

    I've tried searching but am not having any joy with that. Anyone out there know their Kit Kat + HTC Sense 6, and maybe have any idea why I might be seeing this odd behaviour?

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    04-23-2014 02:19 AM
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    Quick update on this one...

    On top of the issues noted above, I also discovered that every time the phone went to sleep, it would not accept incoming calls. I was able to get the receipt for the original purchase from the seller, and took the phone back for an exchange, which went without argument, so, all good now!

    Next question...

    What happened to 'Flickr for HTC Sense'? I liked having Flickr updates in Blinkfeed but can't seem to get it to happen now
    05-08-2014 10:56 AM

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