04-28-2014 01:34 PM
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    I had a small drop with my phone the second day I owned it. Not so much as a scratch, it was from maybe a foot up as I was sitting down at the time.

    I used to work at Best Buy repairing computers. We also handled warranty claims for people who had purchased our extended warranty.

    So, this fat lady (yes the description is necessary) came in with a handheld device, I can't remember what.. mp3 player, phone, or something. The screen was cracked and had that black ink looking mark on it when the fluid inside leaks out. The lady told me she sat on it!

    I told her warranties do not cover abuse. The lady started getting mad at me and said "Sir, I fail to see how this is abuse". And I said "The phone didn't jump out of it's pocket on it's own. You told me you sat on it.".. well, after that she didn't want to speak with me anymore. I said "No problem, I'll get you a manager".

    So I went and got the toughest manager in the store.. the one I thought would totally say no.. he didn't even so much as hesitate. Just boom gave her a new one.

    @alemuit: I hear ya. From my experience, though, speed is good. I did run a Speedtest one day with Ookla software and my friend on another company. His was a little faster, but not much. I was through Virgin Mobile at the time.
    04-28-2014 01:34 PM
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