1. quarrymanpaul's Avatar
    I've installed ES file manager and any time I try to copy a file internal storage to my Sd card I get a copy failed error.

    Seems to be the same with Astro file explorer.

    However it works I plug the phone into usb and use Windows Explorer.

    What gives? Is this an permissions issue?
    05-01-2014 04:10 PM
  2. roflwaffleton's Avatar
    05-01-2014 04:30 PM
  3. quarrymanpaul's Avatar
    Gah. That's VERY annoying. So I can't move files to my sd card manually unless plugged in via a USB cable?!
    05-02-2014 03:14 AM
  4. scottysize's Avatar
    Yup. The SD Card can only be modified by plugging it into a computer. It's a 4.4 thing, not a HTC thing. I've had 4.4 on my Nexus and it is the same way.
    05-02-2014 12:23 PM

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