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    I flashed the GPE ROM to my new HTC One M8, and it seems pretty awesome so far. This is my first stock Android OS experience since my Nexus 4 I sold over a year ago, so I haven't used stock kit Kat before, and this Google Now Launcher thing is all new to me.

    - How's battery life on this GPE, compared to stock Sense 6 ? I also flashed the ElementalX kernel, but kept it all stock settings. Curious how this will last ? My Sense 6 ROM gave me pretty good battery life.

    - Does everyone here run the GPE with the Google Now Launcher ? If so, how do you have it setup ? I'm worried about Locations settings being enabled, always thought that was a major battery drainer ?

    - I am running Xposed framework with Gravity Box and GEL modules, for extra customization, without needing a full launcher like Nova, these modules allow me to keep stock Google Now Launcher, but also customize the grid size, and gestures, etc...

    - Speed wise, is GPE faster than Sense 6 ?

    - Overall how do you like GPE on the M8, compared to let's say the Nexus 5 ?
    05-08-2014 08:31 AM

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