1. maarescal's Avatar
    Where can I find nice wallet type cases for the m8? Seen some on Amazon but want some more options

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    05-19-2014 03:25 PM
  2. mchockeyvette27's Avatar
    Have you checked the android central store? Shop android.com

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    05-19-2014 03:34 PM
  3. enuffsaid's Avatar
    05-20-2014 03:11 AM
  4. Dogmann's Avatar
    Hi maarescal

    IMO the best leather bookcase type case is made by PDair in fact I'm about to buy one myself as i already have the PDair car mount so this would make perfect sense for my in car set up. I have used their cases in the past and the leather is great quality as is the stitching and whole construction of the case in the UK they are about 13 which considering its real leather and made so well is not expensive at all for what you get.

    05-20-2014 08:46 PM
  5. saichick04's Avatar
    05-21-2014 02:21 PM

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