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    I'm trying to use apps like Podcast Addict to stream a few podcasts, however after trying Podcast Addict, Podkicker, and Podcast Republic, all three fail to stream either of the podcasts I've added so far (The Indoor Kids and a friend's podcast).

    The developer for Podcast Addict had told me it likely has to do with the default player for the M8, which I find odd because I can play the episodes after downloading them. He's not entirely sure what it could be either. I've tried over WiFi (at work, doesn't seem to block most streaming services like Spotify though) and Verizon's network (just to test), and all three apps fail to stream. I made sure to check that each app is permitted to stream over 3G/4G before attempting.

    Has anyone had issues streaming podcasts on their M8 that knows how to solve the problem, or what app I should use to do this?
    05-19-2014 04:42 PM

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